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Today was day that made me proud. I was proud that my youngest daughter decided that she needed to get baptized. Valerie was saved in 2004 and shortly after she got saved we started talking to her about the need to get baptized. She kept telling us that she was scared to get baptized. We wanted this to be her decision to obey the Lord and not us forcing her to obey so we decided to wait on her to come to grips with the need to get baptized herself. A few weeks ago Valerie came to me and she told me that she was having trouble sleeping and that she knew the reason was she was not obeying the Lord and getting baptized so she asked if she could please get baptized. Of course I was thrilled but I still wanted to make sure she was doing this for the right reasons. I asked her several question about her Salvation as well as her reasoning for wanting to get baptized being careful not to put any words in her mouth. When we were done I knew that she understood salvation and that she also was ready to take the step of obedience and get baptized so we set the date and prepared for her to be baptized. She was most nervous about giving her testimony but as you will see she did fine, actually better than me I got the date wrong in Chinese when I translated for her (haha).

Here are some of the pictures for you to see.

First giving her Testimony

The Baptism

one of Penny-Sue helping Valerie get dried off.

The Interlude

While we waited for Valerie to get dried off and changed we came back out to the main room and Bethany and her friend Hannah played some songs on the Violin and Piano.

Here is a sample of their playing sorry no video.

All That I Need

Signing the Church Covenant

After she got dressed Valerie came back out and one of our members read the the Church Covenant to her and upon her agreement she signed.

Longtime Friend and First Convert

When Valerie accepted the Lord in 2004 our first converted in China had also recently accepted Christ and she asked Valerie to get baptized with her. Valerie refused and ever since that time this sweet lady has been trying to encourage Valerie to follow in Obedience to the Lord. So it was a great honor and privilege to have her join us today. She is not a member of our current work as she still attends our previous work but when she heard that Valerie was to be baptized she was so excited to come and see and encourage Valerie in this manner.

Finally a short video of the event for you to watch as well.Sorry since I am just uploading the video to my blog I am limited in my file size that is why it is so small.

Valerie Baptism from Samuel Laterza on Vimeo.

What a joy and privilege to not only witness but be able to baptize Valerie as she follows Lord.

I would also like to thank Anthony for taking most of the pictures today and thank Bethany for being willing to help with the video camera.

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