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I have decided for 2011 to start a blog. I have not ventured into this realm before just because of time constraints but I am looking forward to posting things about our family and life here in Beijing. For this inaugural post I will be showing the pictures that the Kids and I took for Penny-Sue as her Christmas present.

This was a lot of fun to do. We went to a local park to shoot these. The weather was pretty cold but the kids were great sports. We started by shooting in the back of the park and everything was going well till the guards came and started yelling at us because we were on the grass. Here in China most grass is off limits. It is just there to look at not walk on or play on and especially not for foreigners to take pictures of their children on.

Here is Bethany laying down on the forbidden grass.

and Valerie on the forbidden grass

Here are some of the girls together just having fun.

Then we went to the playground by a local school. I put the kids on the merry go round and just started them to spinning while I tried to focus and grab the shots at the same time.

Then we moved to the swingset where Valerie got on Bethany’s shoulders and we tried to do this shot. It turned out really cute.

We also did  these shots in very windy very cold conditions the next day

We also did this one of Anthony at the wall

One last one we did was of all three of the kids on a black background.

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