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What happens when you walk away from your phone and leave it charging where your children can get to it. What happens is you get a phone full of silly pictures of your daughter or son. Valerie is never one to leave us in a somber mood. She is not a person you can have a staring contest with and win she will always make you laugh. So I pick up my phone and to my surprise Valerie had used my phone to take pictures of herself and ended up taking about 25 pictures all making silly faces. I will add a few here for your viewing pleasure, not all 25. Never a dull moment around when Valerie is near.

Anthony not to be outdone by his sister tried to take one of himself as well. He tends to allow his younger sister to lead him astray sometimes. Very dangerous combination the two of them.

Also since we I am uploading some shots from my phone I will add this one. You have to love it when you see translated bumper stickers. Here a Chinese company has translated an English bumper sticker (Baby on Board) into Chinese (婴儿上路) then translate it back into English to create a new bumper sticker which now reads “Baby on Road” these were all over cars recently. The ones I found most funny, and I have not got a picture yet, is the cars that have the “Momma in Car” and “Baby on Road” on the same car.


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