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We went out for family night tonight and as part of the night we took some photos at one of the stores downtown. It is about one week till Chinese New Year and a lot of stores have put up festive lights so we decided to take a few photos in front of the lights. It was very cold but it was also a lot of fun for all of us.

We started out just doing fun face shots of the kids.

Bethany with lights in background (click for a larger view)

Anthony it seems hard for him to take a bad picture (click for a larger view)

Then some more fun ones, we did try some jumping shots but most were blurry so not going to post those. It is hard to focus in the dark and try to hit the spot they are going to be in when they jump.

practicing his skateboard moves here just an Ollie (click for a larger view)

Here trying to do a kickflip (click for a larger view)

Then one the kids took of us kissing.

Here I am dipping Penny-Sue and she is laughing (click for a larger view)

Then we took some of the girls all together

Do you see the resemblence? (click for a larger view)

Then they added Anthony to the mix

Since he is now the tallest they made him squat in front. (click for a larger view)

Then he didn’t even see it coming they said let’s do it one more time on the count of three smile

Trust me if he knew it was coming that would not have been a smile on his face. He was a good sport about it though. (click for a larger view)

Then we found another set of fun lights

Found some more fun lights (click for a larger view)

Of course had to have a kissing picture in front of this fun light too.

The kiss II (click for a larger view)

I then had another idea just for fun of Penny in front of one of her favorite places too.

I "heart" starbucks (click for a larger view)

It was a fun night we had a lot of fun playing as a family. Hope you enjoy.

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