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We often refer to Valerie as an egg. She is white on the outside and yellow on the inside.Meaning although she looks like an American she acts Chinese sometimes.

Although Valerie was born in Greenville South Carolina in the Good Ole USA sometimes we wonder if she really isn’t part Chinese. It is true she has lived longer in China then any other location but we always thought that she would still be all American. What really happens when you raise a kid in a foreign country is that they start to adopt the characteristics of the country they are being raised in. Valerie by far has adopted many Chinese customs. This week we have been going on dates with our children. We have been taken each of them out by themselves to just talk with them. This does not happen in the morning but has happened around 4 or 5 in the afternoon. Why am I telling you this. Well it is not uncommon in China to see the Chinese at all times of the day out in their jammies. That is right we took Valerie out to spend some time with her and she being the goofy girl that she can be insisted on staying in her jammies and slippers as we went to the store. We didn’t think she would go through with it when she asked if she could stay in her jammies. We said yes and she was very excited. So we took Valerie out to Starbucks at 4 in the afternoon while she was still in her slippers and jammies.

sorry about the pic quality just a cell phone image

We thought this was very funny but the funnier thing is that not one person stared at her as if this was weird. She garnered no more attention then as if she had walked into the place dressed normally. We love Valerie and her sense of humor and the fact that she will always have a special place in her heart for China. We pray that she will never lose her sense of fun and desire to bring a smile to others faces.


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