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I have had so many things that I wanted to put on the blog recently but life has gotten in the way. We did however, have a time out with friends this last week and I thought you all would like to read about it. It was an interesting day all around. I woke up at 7:00am to take a visiting Pastor to the Great Wall. Since he was only in town for one day and he wanted to shop as well as go to the wall he asked if Anthony would be willing to do the shopping for him. We agreed to allow Anthony to got the market while we went to the Wall and then we would meet up after lunch and I could take him to the airport. After which I would Coach Anthony’s baseball team and then we would go to dinner with one of the other players and his parents.

We arrived at the Wall and it was in full bloom. Although I have been to the wall about 80 times this was the first time I was at the wall in the Spring when the flowers were blooming.



While I was on the wall I get a call from Anthony and he tells me that he is at the market and he has just sliced his finger open and he needs stitches. Anthony is our little boy who often cries wolf so I was not overly concerned I just asked how much blood and he said it was puddling in his hand. He is 1 hour south of our home and I am more than an hour north of our home. Penny-Sue is about 20 minutes east of our home so it was not going to be easy to get help to Anthony. He goes to the lady at the market we usually deal with and she calls me and tells me he needs to go to the hospital that he is turning white and bleeding badly. I have to say I did not hear any panic in Anthony’s voice nor did I hear it in the Ladies voice so I tell Anthony to get a band-aid from our friend and the things he went to the market for and then go home. He said OK and I hang up. I had separated from the pastor I was with so I had to wait for him to get back before we could leave the wall. He finally came back and we immediately left the wall and headed home. I called Anthony again and asked him how he was doing and he said that his finger really hurt but the bleeding had stopped. I again thought it was just a bad cut and not a big deal.

Anthony beat us home by about 10 minutes and then I get a call from Bethany. Bethany is a more reliable source then Anthony or our Chinese friend and she says to me, “Daddy he really does need stitches.” Then is when I started to believe he might need to go to the Hospital. When I got home and looked at his finger it really was a cut very deep and in need of cleaning and probably some stitches. I tell Anthony we need to go to the hospital and probably have stitches that is when Anthony starts to panic as he hates needles. I do have pictures of the cut and even a video but I will spare you. I will just say that Anthony ended up with five stitches. Here is his reaction to getting the shot and stitches. (He was a trooper really didn’t scream or yell or anything)

The whole time we were at the hospital Anthony was asking if we could still go to Baseball. He really wanted to play. We ended up being at the hospital till right after baseball. We still had dinner plans with our friends and so we thought if they were still up for it we would try and salvage the day while swapping China day stories with them.  We called them and they said they were still game so we decided to try out a new pizza place that we had heard about. The name of the place is called the Kro’s Nest. It is a very unique restaurant starting with the entrance. You walk up to this large wall and on the right is a switch that says push me. When you push the switch the front wall splits and opens up to the inside. The inside is decorated like the inside of a nest with very unique tables and set ups. The prices were very reasonable for Beijing pizza for the two families we payed about $6 a person. The real surprise came when the pizza arrived at the table. You know how in some restaurants the table always seems too small when you have the plates on it and the pizza arrives. Well at this restaurant that is really the case. The pizza arrived and it was the size of the table top.Here is a picture of the pizza in front of Penny-Sue and our friend.

One piece is larger than your plate. Here is a picture of Penny-Sue’s hands trying to spread from one side of the pizza to the other side.

Over all the day was a very trying and long day but this was the perfect way to end the day. We had a great time with our friends and the pizza was as good as it looks. You could not eat more than one or two slices of this pizza before you were totally full. If you are ever in Beijing we highly recommend the Kro’s Nest pizza it is well worth it.










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