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OK  a friend of ours got a new ipad for Christmas and he found this game called dead runner and he told us and several others. It is a very addicting game. The idea is that you run through the woods and try to get as far as you possibly can without getting running into a tree or gravestone. So the other night we were traveling home and I looked in the rear view mirror of the car and all I could see was three glowing faces as the kids were playing. I thought I would try and give you a glimpse of what that looked like. Three kids basking in the glow of a computer game, notice the concentration on Anthony and Valerie’s faces.

The kids have been having fun with it and I have to admit it is very addicting as well.  I have wasted a few too many minutes playing it myself.

The kids were also very excited today because one of their best friends came to visit. She will be staying with us for two weeks. Her name is Jasmine. She is a schnauzer. She belongs to some friends that will be traveling in Vietnam for 2 weeks and needed a dog sitter. Our kids have dog sat Jazzy several times in the past that is when we took this photo. She is a little bit of a funny pup, she only likes westerners. All the Chinese that come to the house she goes crazy. From what we understand Schnauzers are very protective so anyone that does not look like the owner or in this case the dog sitters she tends to bark at. Somewhat funny when you think about it a dog living in China who is prejudice against Chinese.  She looks so sweet doesn’t she.

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